Dolls on TV: Positively Plastic

The #dollsofdrnaomi had their 15 minutes of fame tonight on SBS "The Feed. It does excite me that we left the...

Dr Naomi's Dolls on Social Media Part 2

My dolls always delight, whether it be in person, or by text or on social media. Here is some of their stories.

Dr Naomi's Dolls on Social Media Part 1

Love my dolls so much they constantly entertain me, with their reviews, their social media messages, their snaps. I just can't get enough. 

Pre Wedding Cosmetic Prep

Bridezillas are common in a cosmetic clinic. Here is a case study...

Dermal Filler To Lift Asian Nose Bridge

Dermal filler to lift the asian nose bridge is a very popular...

#DollsOfDrNaomi April 2016

Autumn dolls are coming! This months dolls are full of fun. We have effortless beauty doll, Versace Barbie, Bikini...

#DollsOfDrNaomi March (2) 2016

Loving my Autumn dolls. We have a perfect Chanel Barbie, Bellissimo Doll, and Hipster Doll! I'm so lucky to get to...

Dermal Filler to Improve Asian Chin

Dermal filler in the chin is a popular treatment, particularly for Asian patients. In this case we injected nearly 3...

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